What’s going on here

My name is Matthew L. Thompson and I am a poet, writer, educator, random as hell artist, and a walking contradiction. As the curator of this blog my over-arching question is:

Who decided Monday was going to be Monday? I do not know the answer, but “Monday” for me stands for everything that I am fighting to unlearn. Monday is static, does not move, and is never questioned. I question Monday and patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, heteronormativity, language, imperialism, success, this body and many things. It is in the question that freedom, liberation, and understanding reside. I believe we must develop a critical “Why?” So, “Unlearning Monday,” it is. 

In this space we choose life, we utilize rage as a tool to be heard, we riot, we are brave and we are vulnerable. We talk shit and crack jokes because I think I’m funny. This is a location of healing. This is a space to re-invent, re-imagine, and be a multi-layered constantly moving and breathing being. Here we will say what we like and what we do not like, always with “Why,” to follow.

I want this blog to be a catalyst to:

  • Encourage collaboration
  • Learn
  • Teach
  • Build community
  • Promote honesty
  • Archive feelings
  • Give me place to obsess, write, focus, and share

I will post, when I feel like it, an essay, poem, critique, journal entry,or random babblings. Friends will also be invited to post written work, photos, videos, or just some thoughts that they want on the web.

Here we create the rules, and this is no arbitrary attempt to self-empower. This is a very real liberatory practice and a site where thoughts, ideas, and creations are published with real-world application in mind. But, shit, sometimes we just need a place to scream. Even if the room is empty.

Welcome to Unlearning Monday and thank you for your support, presence, and voice.

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